Our Vision

Relevance, headed by bestselling author and international speaker Michelle McKinney Hammond, has evolved from the traditional church model to a ministry focused on outreach and special events. We believe that what the world needs now is not another church, but people being the church.


Choosing to move the church beyond the walls in the spirit of the great commission, Relevance has turned its attention toward the unsaved, unchurched, and those seeking a departure from religion to relationship.


Creating their own special brand of “Rockspiration”, they’ve written over 250 songs blending an eclectic mix of rock, reggae, jazz, and African rhythms to communicate life-giving truths. They are all about making worship and the word of God relevant to the masses.



Relevance focuses on four critical areas.


  1. Transformation Through Education

    Relevance provides seminars and conferences that focus on teaching practical principles from the Word of God to empower others to not just be critical thinkers, but practitioners of the Word in a way that not only lays the foundation for victorious living but exemplifies the very character of God in a way that makes Jesus Christ attractive to all.


  1. Providing an Authentic Worship Experience.

    At Relevance we believe that worship is more than the songs we sing. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship creates the atmosphere for a personal encounter with God that does a deep inner work that alters convictions and transforms lives. Through the vehicle of original music written by Relevance, we focus on mind renewal through the songs we sing.


  1. Reaching the Unreachable

    Relevance focuses on being an unconventional ministry in unconventional places. Bars, restaurants, shopping malls, business events and secular arenas provide fertile ground to take a uniquely bold gospel message couched in an unexpected music genre- rock— to those who are not church goers and makes God more relatable.


  1. Building Leaders

    Mentoring a core of young adults for future leadership by locating their gifts and expanding their experiences to become productive citizens of the world that operate in excellence and integrity.



Long Term Vision for Relevance


  •  To put Africa on the map internationally in the arena of inspirational music with our own brand of RockSpiration..
  •  To be the voice of love and outreach that sparks a fire of evangelism, crossing denominational, racial, and social barriers.
  •  To be about the business of building a diverse kingdom of God through creative empowerment forums and worship experiences that appeal to the masses, both secular and Christian.
  • Taking God out of the religious box and offering a new and more love-centered, approachable view of Him to the world.



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