What a journey it has been! From a tent to a warehouse to the world. On April 1, 2015 Relevance was born. It became a place where people gathered to press in to the heart of God, to worship, fellowship and gain a clear and practical understanding of the word of God in weekly services.


Leaving the tent behind we moved to a warehouse that became a greenhouse for original songs and special events that became tools for effective outreach. Calls came from hotels, universities and even a jazz bar! The doors were opening in unconventional places for us to share the good news through our unique sound.


Our conviction about our mission was deepened. Leaving the warehouse behind we set our focus on the world. Creating special programs of original music for Easter and Christmas to bring Relevance to the two occurrences that are the bedrock of our faith as well as doing special seminars and concerts at universities confirmed we were walking in our assignment.


The release of our first CD has placed us on the track to extend our reach from Ghana to the world!

#ItsAMovement #ComeAsYouAre #LeaveChanged
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