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26 Oct Series Seven

Hello Family, did you know that God listens to every conversation we have? Well He does.  He wants to correct wrong thinking and put things in the proper perspective. Poor Job. He never sinned against God with his mouth but he certainly had a time of...

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18 Oct Series Six

  Hello Family! I can see my prayer life changing as the weeks go by. I am learning so much that give me a new perspective on prayer. This week the principle shared was this:   God is not interested in our religious behavior and performances. He wants us...

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05 Oct Series Five.

Hello Family. This week was amazing! And so inspiring. We learned that God wants to help us win the battles in our lives- whether they be financial, professional, personal, emotional or spiritual He wants to share strategies with us that will liberate us and give us...

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28 Sep Series Four

Hello Family! This week we went deeper into the concept of  “Conversations With God”. We examined the concept that God wants you to know you have a purpose and give you clarity for the vision He has for your life!   God is looking for people that...

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21 Sep Series Three.

Hello Family! We continued the series “Conversations with God this Sunday after a tremendous time of worship. We examined the principle that God makes promises to us in light of his purpose for our lives and brings them to pass even when we struggle with...

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14 Sep Series Two; Intimacy.

Last Sunday we continued with our new series “Conversations with God”. The principle we discussed is this: “God is waiting to meet with us close-up and personal. He longs to reveal Himself to us and include us in His plans as a true friend.” We talked about Moses who...

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