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08 Mar Series Eleven

Hello Family. We finally reached the end of our series on “Conversations With God”. It became real after all we studied that God wants to meet with us face to face to reveal His plan to us and prepare us not only for life on...

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16 Nov Series Ten

Hello family! By now you should know that Prayer builds intimacy with God. As we approach Him with our deepest needs and concerns He is faithful to listen and manifest He has heard us by answering our prayer. It is our submission to His will that...

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09 Nov Series Nine

Hello family. It was another amazing Sunday as we eavesdropped on the conversation God had with Saul transformed to the apostle Paul and Ananias an early Christian in the book of Acts. Pauls life definitely illustrated that God will call you. Confront you in your sin....

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02 Nov Series Eight

Hello family! Talk about line on line precept on precept. We just keep going deeper and deeper into this concept of “Conversations with God.” This week we looked at the conversation God had with the devil in the book of Job and the conversation that Jesus had...

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