Relevance | Series Seven
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Series Seven

26 Oct Series Seven

Hello Family, did you know that God listens to every conversation we have? Well He does.  He wants to correct wrong thinking and put things in the proper perspective.

Poor Job. He never sinned against God with his mouth but he certainly had a time of feeling sorry for himself. His friends didn’t make it any better. They piled on the accusations suggesting that perhaps Job was suffering the consequences of some sin when he lost everything and his life took a turn for the worse. Job tried to defend himself but ended up cursing the day he was born. God listened to all the back and forth between Job and his friends before He confronted them all. He basically told them they were not qualified to come to any conclusions because He was God and they were not.

The principles learned this week were eye-opening.


  1. God will test and reveal what is in our own hearts.


When God doesn’t get us out of our predicaments it is because He is trying to get something out of us. He holds up the mirror to our responses to trial show us not just what we are really made of, but also to magnify how much we really need Him.


  1. God will establish His Sovereignty


He shows us that He is always in control even when life seems to be out of control. Everything has to get past His desk and He uses everything including the unfortunate occurrences of life to complete His purpose in us and through us for His own glory and the expansion of His kingdom.


  1. God will defend us


While we are going through things we should not concern ourselves with what people think or feel the need to defend ourselves. God will always have our back and make us look good in the end. He upholds our innocence and causes others to see us as He sees us—righteous. He will take your part. In that one fact you can rest.


God will not allow you to suffer endlessly. He knows your breaking point. He will restore all that you’ve lost and more. This is a promise from God. He says the trying of our faith produces experience which strengthens our hope and doesn’t lead to shame. Because God proves His love for us by His care for us. We must learn to trust Him no matter how things look. He will always come through for you and replace whatever has been lost in greater measure.


Think about it:


In what areas do you feel God has failed you?


What case would you like to present before God?


What question do you need Him to answer for you now?


This just keeps getting better and better!!

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