Relevance | Series Three.
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Series Three.

21 Sep Series Three.

Hello Family! We continued the series “Conversations with God this Sunday after a tremendous time of worship. We examined the principle that God makes promises to us in light of his purpose for our lives and brings them to pass even when we struggle with believing them. He continues to prove Himself not only as God but as a friend revealing His plans to us.


God and Abraham had many conversations. We took a look at two critical conversations Abraham had with God. Abraham did not start off as Abraham He was Abram. First, God told him to set out for a land he would show him and based on his obedience to Gods instruction God made a covenant with Abraham and changed His name to Abram. As their relationship was established and God entered into a covenant with Abraham He was transformed into a vessel that God wanted to use to establish His kingdom agenda. Through the line of Abraham a lineage of people would be born and grow into a might nation to the glory of God.

Sometimes we intellectualize what God has said to us and second guess Him or wonder even if we heard correctly. Abraham just assumed God was talking about Ishmael because of his age but God was quick to clarify. We have to be careful not to interpret what God has spoken to us in the flesh. When the promises of God seem hard to believe. He patiently takes the time to clarify what He has spoken to us.

After some time had passed God showed up to reaffirm what he had said to Abraham. Closer to the time of the delivery of the promise He came to boost His faith so that he would take action.

In between the fulfillment of that promise a problem arose with Abraham’s nephew Lot. Abraham interceded for Lot. This is when we learned that even intercession becomes a conversation! They go back and forth over the matter at hand and God, because he has chosen to have relationship with Abraham hears him out and responds accordingly. He lets Abraham know what he is going to do and openly discusses the options Giving Abraham the opportunity to stand in the gap for Lot.

We saw that both Abraham and God were engaged in the conversation. There was nothing one-sided about it. God is patient to answer when we wait before Him to hear Him speak to us on any given matter.


  1. God wants us to know that He knows the deepest desires of our heart and He addresses them in accordance with His will.


It became clear that when we walk in fellowship with God consistently conversing with Him He plants His desires in our hearts so that we want what He wants. He then meets us at the point of that desire and brings it to pass. He speaks it first and then He acts on His word. Everything He does is preceded by His word. This is why He likes to tell man what He is about to do.


  1. God is faithful to keep His promises and will readdress the issue in the face of our doubt.


God understands that time can cause us to question if we really heard from Him or not. In his mercy He grants reassurance to us and bolsters our faith so that we can take the right posture and necessary measures to partner with Him in order for His word to come to pass. Abraham had to believe God would do what he said in order to gather the strength to sleep with Sarah again with the expectation that she would conceive. Who knows perhaps they weren’t even sleeping together anymore?…Faith without works is dead so Gods visit was to revive their faith which had probably grown dormant and kick them into action J.


  1. God will not do anything without telling us once he has established true friendship with us. He longs to share His intentions with us and have an honest dialogue about it.


For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. Amos 3:7


God knew that Abraham would care what happened to Lot. In his compassion toward Abraham he could not do something that would affect what mattered to him without telling him. He also wanted to give Abraham the opportunity to intercede for Lot. Based on their conversation He would move forward. The rescue of Lot had everything to do with Abraham standing in the gap for him. When we engage in conversation with God for the sake of others He responds sometimes more out of His relationship with you than care for the people you are interceding for. Another case of this was when Moses pleaded for the Israelites when God was angry at them. If Moses hadn’t stepped in God would have wiped them out. This is why intercession is encouraged. Jesus intercedes for us all the time. On the cross he said to God, “Forgive them for they know not what they do…” Intercession is the act of stepping in and covering those who most of the time don’t even realize they are in need of divine covering. When we intercede for others we are sowing seeds for our own well-being and answered prayers.


Relevant food for thought:

What promise has God made to you?

What conversation do you need to have with God concerning what you are expecting from Him?

Who do you need to pray for? How is interceding for others planting seeds for your own victory?

God’s promise to you is clear.


“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door. I will come in to him and eat with him and he with me.” Revelation 3:20


Remember, dinner is always the setting for great fellowship and conversation. God invites us all to dinner to talk. God is always ready to converse with us about everything. He looks forward to the fellowship. We should not be shy about bringing any issue to Him. Our doubts, our desires, our fears and concerns. Take time to have the conversation.

Can’t wait for next week!

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